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About RTI Aviation

A glimpse of the Austrian research and innovation landscape in the field of aviation

About RTI Aviation

A glimpse of the Austrian research and innovation landscape in the field of aviation

Between 1999 and 2015, Austria’s public and private sector invested approximately 400 mio Euros in research, technology and innovation projects in the field of aviation. Thereof, nearly 50 mio Euros were earmarked for transnational projects between Germany’s LuFo and Austria’s Take Off funding program.

It is evident that these investments positively impacted the development of the national economic sector and will play a crucial role in the future as well. 

This page focuses on Austria’s 15 years’ dynamic growth and the research, technology and innovation strategy for aviation published in 2015. In addition, the relaunched Austrian research and innovation funding program “Take Off 2015 - 2020” is introduced to offer a glimpse of existing research competencies and facilities. A short description of the Icing Wind Tunnel in Vienna – the world’s largest so far – rounds up the practical explanation.


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Energy R&D 2018: Public Expenditures in Austria

The public energy research expenditures of Austria in 2018 amounted to 144,1 million euros, increasing the expenditures of 2017 by 4,7 million euros. The research areas of energy efficiency, smart grids, storage and renewables define the priorities of the publicly financed energy research in Austria.

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South Burgenland Innovation Cluster

South Burgenland Innovation Cluster for Integrated Regional Energy and Transport Systems

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United Nations/Austria Symposium: "Space: a Tool for Accessibility, Diplomacy and Cooperation"

2. - 5. September 2019
Technical University of Graz, Institute of Communication Networks and Satellite Communications, Inffeldgasse 12, Graz, AT

The symposium will foster dialogue between the diplomatic community and those communities using space and aims at stimulating access to space related services that are available and accessible by different countries.

Webinar: Digitalisation of the Energy System - The Key Role of Internet-Connected Devices

11. September 2019, 15:00 - 16:00

This webinar will be presented by the "Electronic Devices and Networks" Annex (EDNA) of the Programme "Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment" (IEA 4E TCP). It will cover the role for connected devices in intelligent efficiency and advanced demand response ecosystems.

European Space Strategy in a Global Context: The Role of Space Diplomacy

18. - 19. September 2019
Urania, Uraniastraße 1, Vienna, AT

The 13th ESPI Autumn Conference will address the topic of European Space Diplomacy to discuss ways to strengthen Europe’s role as a global actor and promote international cooperation.

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