The online platform open4aviation provides an overview of research, technology and innovation activities in the Austrian aviation sector. In addition to research findings and innovation paths, underlying strategies and activities to achieve the strategic objectives are presented. This is a service of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).



SUSTAINair Final Conference

11. - 12. June 2024
Arcotel Kaiserwasser, Wagramer Str. 8, Vienna, AT

The SUSTAINair Final Conference will cover cutting-edge topics, each playing a crucial role in reshaping the future of aviation sustainability. One pivotal theme is the integration of smart materials for aircraft, where innovations in materials with properties promise to enhance aircraft performance, durability and environmental impact.

Aviation Forum Austria 2024

24. October 2024
BMK, Radetzkystraße 2, 1030 Vienna, AT

The Aviation Forum Austria is dedicated to the future of research and innovation in aviation, both nationally and internationally. Decision-makers, experts, and professionals from the aviation industry will discuss and reflect on current trends and innovations in aviation, as well as the future needs for research and development, and the resulting potential for collaboration.

SESAR Innovation Days 2024

12. - 15. November 2024
Rome, IT

The SESAR Innovation Days (SIDs) are the main vehicle for SESAR Joint Undertaking to share progress and disseminate air traffic management (ATM) research results. Unlike other scientific events in air ATM research, the SESAR Innovation Days have a strong focus on exploratory research.

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Icing Strategy for the Austrian Aviation Sector 2030+

Research and Innovation in the Aviation Sector - Icing as a Strategic Niche

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RTI - Strategy for the Austrian Aviation Sector 2040+

The Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation for Austrian Aviation 2040+

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Fly the Green Deal - Europe’s Vision for Sustainable Aviation

The European Commission's strategy paper presented in June 2022 formulates the European vision for research, technology and innovation of the European aviation sector until 2050. New challenges made it necessary to replace the Flightpath 2050 and paved the way for this new vision, which describes the transition from the era of growth to an era of transformation of aviation. This new vision, developed with aviation experts from Europe's nation states, emphasizes research and innovation, as well as the market acceptance and regulatory framework.

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